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Welcome to John Elder Pest Control

With more than 40 years in the Pest Control Industry we have preserved our values: honesty, integrity, innovation, community service and unparalleled customer service. My staff and I thank you for your consideration.

When it comes to pest control operators: knowledge, training and experience are what counts when choosing a company. Something this company prides itself on and we are wholly Australian owned and operated.

John Elder Pest Control has been setting the benchmark in the pest management industry since 1976. Through years of experience, and client referrals we have grown our company to become a premium provider in our field. We don't follow we lead.

Company founder John Elder has a vast experience in the pest control industry working here in Australia and overseas.

At John Elder Pest Control we recognise our obligations to take all reasonable precautions to provide Pest Management Services and maintain work practices that are safe and without risk and absolute minimum damage to the environment.

In addition to this we are committed to the development of a safety culture and to the provision of safe and healthy working conditions to others who may be affected by our activities. By engaging John Elder Pest Control to provide your pest management needs, you can be assured of an honest, safe and committed workforce that will deliver the best results, all the time, backed by over 40 years experience.

John Elder Awards

Telstra Business Awards 2007 & Telstra Business Awards 2008 - Small Business Award - The Telstra Business Awards are one of the most prestigious business awards in the country. The awards recognise the achievements and enterprising spirit of great Australian businesses.

Telstra Business Awards 2008 - Social Responsibility Award - The Social Responsibility Award Is for demonstrated leadership and contribution by a business to the environment, people, education or the community.

Australian Government Quarantine Award - For a significant contribution to the quarantine protection of Australia's Agricultural Industries & Unique Environment - Presented to John Elder at Parliament House in Canberra