John Elder Pest Control Services

Commercial Pest Control - How Can We Help?

John Elder Pest Control Commercial Services Division work one-on-one with businesses to develop customised commercial pest management programs to help them minimise the risk of a pest infestation. Pests carry many pathogens that can cause serious illness in humans. That's why health inspectors will often shut down food premises with pest infestations. Why put your reputation and the health of your customers at risk?

Contact John Elder Pest Control and we will work with you to help keep pests out of your facility. Be aware any business involved in food preparation must have a commercial pest control program in place as part of their licensing requirements. You could be fined or prevented from operating if this condition is breached.

Household Pest Management

At John Elder Pest Control we provide a safe and effective pest control treatment for all types of pests. Our treatment is safe for your family, workplace, the environment and your pets. Contact John Elder Pest Control for a FREE pest control quote today.

Termite Services

No property is safe from termites!

WARNING termite inspections and management control should only be undertaken by experienced operators with a wealth of knowledge and training behind them, something this company prides itself on.

IMPORTANT: Stop if you think you have termites or you become aware of any termite (white ants) activity DO NOT DISTURB or treat termites or their workings In anyway but contact John Elder Pest Control immediately. Home treatments do not work.

Termites (white ants) if left undiscovered can cause many thousands of dollars in damage. They are the cause of the greatest economic losses of timber in structures in Australia. Independent data compiled by state forest shows 1 in every 5 homes are attacked by termites at some stage in their life. CSIRO data indicates that it could be as high as 1 in 3. Australia's termite species (white ants) are the most destructive termites in the world. It can take as little as three months for a termite colony to severely damage timber in a home. John Elder has been inspecting for, and treating, termites in the Northern Rivers since 1976.

John recommends an annual inspection of your property for termite attack with prices starting from as little as $132.00 including GST. Included In the visual inspection is the use of the latest thermal imaging camera at NO EXTRA COST.

John Elder Pest Control also inspects newly built homes and inspection reports comply with building warranties. Just like having your car serviced by a licensed mechanic and not all the dealership but still retaining the warranty. So don't be bullied by companies insisting that you only use them to inspect your home because they installed your new home termite barrier. Before you carry out renovations, additions or just your annual termite inspection, call John Elder on 0418 661 185 for all your pest control needs and save.

K9 Division

Meet Rosie our fully trained Termite Detection she is 95% to 97% accurate in finding termites in your home - 3 times more accurate than human inspectors. John Elder has trained and exported termite detection dogs internationally. He has demonstrated their effectiveness to 600 Australian and international delegates at Jupiter's Casino on the Gold Coast live on stage to a standing ovation. Yes, it costs a little more to have an K9 inspection of your home, but it's worth it!